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A Progressive school in Turkey uses drama and art

 to help children learn.

Story and photos by Serra Akcan/Narphotos


With a flat yellow smile over a purple and pink bow tie, Toros the puppet is changing the way Turkish children learn social studies, while also challenging perceptions of one of the nation’s underprivileged schools.

Located in Ankara, Turkey, Aksemsettin Elementary School teaches children from poor, nomadic families. Past violent incidents contributed to its notoriety.


“It’s very difficult for children from the countryside to adapt to the big city life and classes,” one teacher explains.

That’s all changing.

With support from the Ankara Kiwanis Club, Aksemsettin now draws on the creative arts to complement traditional courses. Students can now see possibilities when they dream of careers.

Ilgin, 8, dons red ruffles across her hair and darkens her eyebrows to animate a Frida Kahlo self-portrait. “It seems Frida suffered a lot in her life,” Ilgin says. “Despite everything, she was a very powerful woman and that’s what I liked about her.” Ilgin wants to be a pastry chef.>>>>>>>>

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