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We had received 10 wheel-chair as charity through a friend, for distribution to people in need. Mid-December last on this pages we invited people in need to post us their reason of need and age. Happy to share with our Kiwanien friends that ads of today we have distributed nine of them. 5 childeren, 4 elderly. Six in Ankara and one each to İstanbul,Antalya and Sivas. WE ARE HAPPY MAKING THEM HAPPY
DRAMA STUDIO Ankara Kiwanis keep serving children by educational projects every year since 25 years. Just recently on Jan 15th a new drama classroom opened at Aksemsettin primary school in Ankara. Students shall learn to speak and act openly in front of public and thus grow as self sufficientand proud members of this community. Visit "www.ankarakiwanis.org.tr" to see our success stories

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