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New boards members installed and started working hard on October th meeting.. All member Kiwaniens and spouses enjoyed the nigth along with live music.
A signboard having the nmes of donators for the forest errecte ar the enterance of the forest. Kiwanis Forest will keep growing and extending every year along with a festival to be organized with school students
20 teachers from 6 local schools are trained at Kavaklidere school to teach " coding" at their schools. We will support them over a time of learning/teaching.period.
Planting "Ankara Kiwanis Memorial Forest" FROM SEED TO YOUNG TREE FROM YOUNG TREE TO TREE FROM TREE TO FOREST Next Thursday, on April 12 th Ankara Kiwanis members and students drom primary schools will planting 1500 Cedar (cedrus) trees near Ankara at AYAS Asartepe Dam zone.Project is supported and trees are donated by DSI( General Directory Of State Hydraulic Works). We are expecting to raise a fund of aprox. 6000usd. Names of donators will be engraved on a stone stand at the entry of forest area.

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