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Ankara Kiwanis is grateful to Zulfu Livaneli who is a great master and celebrating his 50th year.....
ATATURK Founder of Turkish Republic paseed to "infinity" to live in our heart on Nov 10 th 1938....
Child and childeren were the words that explains our services and dreams but sligthly hidden behind the Kiwanis. NOW, pleased to learn that we can proudly pronounce KIWANIS along with CHILDEREN to declare our mission..... See below the message from Kiwanis Fundation Director
A new project which Ankara Kiwanis is supporting is named " DREAM Workshop" is which was completed just before summer .....
Goodbye message from Ernst Schmid, President of Kiwanis European Federation (2015-2016)..... Kiwanis exists since 101 years. You all have contributed behind and in front of the scenes to success and will continue for sure. For me, it is now to say Goodbye....
Energize the dream to help more children through Kiwanis Welcome to the 2016–17 Kiwanis year. I’m so glad to have you and all members of Kiwanis as part of our global movement to improve the lives of children in your community and .......
As of November 1st Ankara Kiwanis is ready to sail with all the winds heading to " Serving the Children of the World"..

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