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We SERVE Childeren Projects







President: Erdem Takci

Atelier" Dream Workshop" finally and officially opened for 2016-2017 education year .

More news to follow..........


President: Cengiz Anık

This year we decided to concentrate on the project started last year, and spent major part of our funds for the realization of "Dream Workshop". Thanks to financial support of our honarary member Ibrahim Dal family and our generaous member Hasan Ali and his family and also IBM company.

A seperate information on" DreamWorkshop" will be given on our web site to get you familier with the idea and possibly introduce this as " internationally applicable project"

  • Selen Seher BOYRAZ student of Aksemsettin primary School was elected to attend World Rytmic Gymnastic Championship. Our member Atila Hincal personnaly supported her expenses and she took part inthis contest in Spain-Terneo in Hune 2016  
  • Thanks to Selen for her performance and to Atila for his generosity,


President: Coşkun İnalpolat

 Yeni Hayat Primary School Project: continuation of last year's porject;

  • 40 students are given school uniforms on the day school opened.
  • In prepclass walls painted, floor repaired and covered with carpet, furniture and curtains renewed.
  • Toilets and rest rooms repaired and renewed.
  • Theater costumes and musical appartus supplied.


SOMA Project:

  • With continued support from Kiwanis world wide and using the funds of Ankara Kiwanis we have donated 2 "Photo teraphy" unit and 2 "Living Support" unit to Childeren Care Unit of SOMA State Hospital. Soma had lost 301 father on mine fire disaster last year.


  • "Dream Workshop" project initiated in this school postponed to next year cdue to physical handicaps.
  • We donated a"Ataturk Bust" and 2 flag posts
  • Shool's library project worked out. Completion will be next year.



President: Barbaros Aslanoğlu

  •  Our support ODTU Lodos ( lösemi, otizm, Down Sendromu ve Serebral Palsi ) Community's continued this year also. We dfonated 2000 TL for their avtivities, in turn LODOS used Kiwanis logo on their activities.


  • This year we decided to support one the poor area school Yeni Hayat Primary School for the whole year and did the followings:
  • School uniform to more than 50 students
  • Goal posts for their play ground
  • Renewal of garden walls and gates.
  • Breakfast support to preschool students every week.
  • Football and volleyball balls supplied
  • Sport uniforms with their logos on
  • On 13 May 2014 we lost 301 mine workers in a mine fire disaster. To help  their orphans and families we sent messages to KI, KIEF and many clubs. Immediate response was very positive and a fund of 1673Euro and 980 USD granted

  • In June 2014 official openning ceramony of Neotanal Childeren Unit of the hospital is done where we had donated an Aspirator last year.


President:Atila Dindar

  • Payed a visit to "İLGİ Otistic Children Association"

  •  3 projector and 3 screen given to  Solfasol Primary School, also quite a number of toys presented to prep class. 

  • Visited Akyurt Saracalar Primary School. One water purification system and 15 gallon og paint which they needed is given.

  •  Skiing sets and clothing is given as present to newly established skiing team of Altidağ Polis Amca School

  • ODTU Gradutes Primary School: a speech platform and Ataturk bust promised by Aydın Kolat (immidiate past president) is given to school on school's opening day.

  •  We sponsored the activity of ODTU Lodos ( lösemi, otizm, Down Sendromu ve Serebral Palsi ) Community's Yeteneği Görün ( See the Ability)  actiivity performed at ODTU University Theater. An audio-visiual presention about Kiwanis made.

  •  60 books needed by Bahçelievler Demirlibahçe Primary School supplied.

  •  One notebook and a porojector given to Siteler-Abdullah Tokur School.

  • On June 7 th Famous Jazz performer Karsu Dönmez (Turkish origin Deutch) and her group were on the stage for "childeren". With the fund raised ,with the kind support of  Deutch and Belgium Embassodors, beyond expectations we bougth "Breathing Ventilator" equipment and donated to Ankara University Childeren Hospital New Born Department.




President: Hakan Dermancı

  •  Just after "Van Earthquake" we sent medicine, baby food, winter dressing and toys the area disaster admin.

  • Gulveren 60th Year Primary School library repaired, painted and furnished with new reading desks and chairs. 400 books supplied.

  • Bed and study desk bougth for a handicapt child of 10 years old.

  • At Avni Akyol Anadolu High school ; Winter suits are given as present to25 students in need.

  • Demirli Village School of Derik-Mardin at south east of Turkey is supplied with 67 sets od of sports wearing and plus several books and stationary material for school.

  • Pamukluk arae Primary School of Adıyaman-Gerger-Gumuskasik Vllage received various kinds of school materail and stationary for 36 sudents


  • Kacarsalucası Village Primary School at Urfa-Bozova received;

          various kinds of school materail and stationary for 120 sudents

  • 25 students at Susuz Primary School received sports wearing

  • On Childeren's Day of 23rd April we gave 300 toys to physically handicapt childeren

  • Dagalan Village Primary School at Agri-Patnos received;

          various kinds of school materail and stationary for 100 sudents

  • Kacarsalucası Village Primary School at Urfa-Bozova received;

           various kinds of school materail and stationary for 120 sudents

  • Bagbasi  Village Primary School at Agri-Patnos received;

           various kinds of school materail and stationary for 30sudents

  • Ceylan Village Primary School at Sirnak-Silopi received;

           various kinds of school materail and stationary for 55sudents

  • We supplied one battery powere Wheeled Chair for one handicapt student,



President: Aykut Yıldırım

Susuz Primary school:  trousers,pullovers,boots abd sock are given to 40 students in need. 20 watch given as present to students on April 23rd.

A projection machine and display curtain donated to Yenikent Merkez Primary School.

"Healty Childeren Play Room" is furnished completely to meet all needs, including various toys.

84 student from various part of Turkey are given coats,shoes, and underwear
throuhg İlkyar Association.

A presentation set including projector, screen, microphone donated to Turkozu-Bademlidere School.

A presentation set including projector, screen, microphone and PC  donated to Demirlibahce-Ata  School.

500 AYICIK Leukemia brochure given to Onkology depts of Hacettepe and Gazi University Childeren Hospitals

In 100th Year Milli Egemenlik School; shoes and socks, tooths brus and paste, hand soap
to 125 students. Toys to preparatory class, and books to 1 st and 2nd year classes.

Various toys and playing material given to Pediatric Hematology dept of Ankara Onkology Hospital



President: Aydın Kolat

  • A music consert organized again at German Embassy. A famous music group "Yeni Turku" ( new song) performed for childeren. We had about 600 audience.

  • 180 students of Incesu Primary School are checked for eye, tooth and general health by our clubs doctor memebers anf their associates. Winter socks and booths given.

  • 7 th Traditional Painting Exhibition opened.

  • A panel having title " Child and Computer" held at Cagdas Conferance Hall.  Panelists were Prof Ferhunde Oktem,Prof Ufuk Beyazova, Ass.Prof Kursat Cagaltay,Ass.Prof Figen Sahin and Guidance Counselor Gokcen Hisarcilar.

  • A panel " Role of School in preventing Child Abuse" conducted at "Ozyurt Primary School". Speakers were Ass.Prof. Aytug Balcioglu, Ass.Prof.Figen Sahin, Ass.Prof.Erkan Buker and Guidance Counselor Gokcen Hisarcilar.

  • A painting contest between 120 schools of Cankaya region in Ankara with a topic  “Childeren and Environment” . First 3 of contestants are presented with laptops.

  • 70 school bags full with school material are distributed to students in Imrahor Ozbirlik school. Also 13 PC in this school are repaired and upgraded and computer laboratory became functional.

  • 20 students of Gazi school are trained at IBM office for the proper use of PC s and preparing presentations. In turn they trained 160 students in their school. These 20 students received a IBM Cetificate.

  • 40 students at Susuz school received sports wear.

  • On occasion of April 23rd Children's Day of Turkey we gave sports wear to 85 student


President:Erdem Takçı

  • Stationary material sent to Adıyaman Anadolu High School.

  • Wardrops for classrooms at Susuz Primary School made and delivered to school.

  •  A  "Science Laboratory" set up in Konut Kent primary school

  •  A complete renovation of ImrahorOzbirlik Primary Sschool done.

  • On occasion of April 23rd Children's Day of Turkey we gave overcoats to 54 student 


2007 - 2008 :

President: Vedat Güley

  • As part of Susuz Primary School project classroom cupboardsi library cupboards etc are delivered.

  • Underwear and shoes are distributed at Hikmet Ulubay-Plolatlı  primary school.

  • Various stationary material are sent to Hikmet Ulubay school on their requst

  • Our 6 th "Kiwanis Painting Exhibition" opened. With the fund raised a room at "Talia Yasar Baktur" schools rebuilt as "Painting and Drawing Room".



President: Orhan Yalçın

  • A great music festival orgonized at German Embassy gardens with grear performance of Zulfu Livaneli and Hakan Aysey, to raise money for Susuz school renovation nearby Ankara.

  • Opening ceramony at Susuz school with kind attandance of Germany Ambassador

  • Teeth and eye checkup made at Yukarı Cavundur primary school. This school is under our arms for many years

We set up a "communication room" at Artvin Health Care Training School, sponsored by Avea.

We donated 5 PC and a printer to Susuz primary school, sponsored by Avea.

  • We payed a visit to Hikmet Ulubay
  • Primary School(boarding) at Polatlı a province of Ankara.

           A set of books given as present for their libraray.

  • Hygenic material are given to RETT Syndrome childeren.

  • "UZI ASTHMA" and "AYICIK Leukemia" booklets are printed again 1000 pcs each.


President: Ünal Peker

  • We donated 25 computers to Polatlı Hikmet Uluğbay Primary School, sponsored by Avea telecom company

  • Gazi Childeren's Dormitory repaired and painted. Also internal music and announcement sysytem added.

  • 160 child received socks and boots just before winter at Yukarı Çavundur Village school.

  • Saime Kadin Primary School's library reorganized,cleaned and new books are donated

  • Medicine and hygenic material are distributed to RETT Syndrome childeren.




President: Ali Özenci

  • Zulfu Livaneli-Hakan Aysev-Leyla Çolakoğlu three top names came together for a concert hosted by Germany Embassy to help help childeren under Ankara Kiwanis projects. Around 500 audience attented.

  • 5th of our traditional "Kiwanis Painting Exhibition" opened

  • 500 Kiwanis Dolls are sent to several hospitals

  • We visited "Turkish Leukemia Foundation. "AYICIK LUCEMIA" brochure given for distribution.

  • Books and educational material are sent to following schools in three different ciities;
  • Bor Şehit Nuri Pamir ilköğretim okuluna,
  • Ankara Attila İlköğretim okuluna,
  • Ankara Çeşme ilköğretim okuluna 
  • Aydın Köşk ilçesi 100 Yıl İlköğretim okuluna

  • We donated fax machine and wheeled chair to RETT Sendrom Club

  • Our members attanted to KIEF Convention at Maastricht-Holland

  • 4 Turkish student attented to first youth exchange program at Summer Camp 

in Letonia.


2003-2004 :

President: Tayfur Aslan

  •  As continuation of " getting acquinted with diseases for hospitalized childeren"  project a new booklet "UZI ASTIM" (UZI ASTHMA) is prepared and printed for distribution

  • Along with booklet  "AYICIK LOSEMI" AND  "Kiwanis Doll" distributed to several haspitals

  • Several medical material needed by Pediastric Operative Dept of Hacettepe University hospital are bougth and donated.

  • Yukarı Çavundur köyü okulunun çeşitli ihtiyaçları bu dönemde de karşılandı çocuklara ayakkabı ve giysi yardımı yapıldı.

  • Geleneksel resim sergimiz açıldı.  Elde edilen gelir "Uzi Astım" kitapçığının basımına büyük bir katkıda bulunmuştur.



President: Nurseli Cezayirlioğlu

  • 2 May 2003:"Childeren and Media" Panel is organized in cooperation with Koru Kiwanis. Çankaya Munacipality kindly allowed us to use their Art and Activity Galery and TV8 channel sponsored media channel of our activity.

  • We started a new program " getting acquinted with diseases for hospitalized childeren". 

Under this project we prepared a set consisting of - Kiwanis Doll, Ankara Kiwanis  AYICIK LOSEMI (Leukemia) booklet and a CD- for distribution to hospitals

  • Health Check up- 25 student at Ufuktepe İbrahim Akoğlu primary school are checked for eye and sigth problems.Necessary medication and eyeglasses are provided. One child is helped for operation.

  • 60 students from this school are taken to a theatre for the first time in their life.

  • 27 March-19 April 2003: Our annual painting exhibition  opened at  Sekerbank Art Galery.


President: Selim Demirel

  • On 25 May 2002   our 2nd "Kiwanis Painting Exhibition" opened. With the fund raised we equipped painting room at  Keçiören İbrahim Akoğlu primary school.

  • Librarary of the same school refurbihed and equipped.



President: Giovanni Rossi

  • Using the fund made available by KI-EF for earthquake peoject we started working on Yukari Cavundur Primary School project. Yukari Cavundur is a small vilage about 50 km out of Ankara. Re-built-renovated school building's needs of classroom furniture, school  equipment and science laboratory equipment purchased and donated and school made ready for 2001-2002 education year. 


  •  We also supplied some medical equipment like strilezer etc needed by the  same village's Health Room on February 3rd 2001.

  • 19-29 June 2001: 1st Kiwanis Painting Exhibition organized on thr leadership of Ms Nil Özenci wife of our member Ali Ozenci. Fund raised used in our projects


President:Sadullah Puyan

  • 23 Şubat 2000: A presentation in Berlin-Germany is organized in cooperation with Berlin-Quadriga club to explain the Kiwanis activities in Turkey.

  • 10 Haziran 2000 de "Bahar Şenliği 2000" düzenlendi.Geliri deprem bölgesindeki projelere ayrıldı.



President: Ertuğrul Pazarbaş

  • One room at Numune Hospital and one room at "Traffic Hospital" are refurbished and equipped in the name of Ankara Kiwanis

Books and school supplies are sent to 3 schools at;

  • Siirt-Kurtalan, 
  • Mardin-Dargeçit and
  • Muş 

 located at very east of Turkey.

  • Medicine and goods are sent to earth quake area.

  • 9 February 1999: We payed a visit to His Honor Süleyman Demirel,President of Turkey. A briefing given about Kiwanis activities in Turkey. 


1997-1998 :

President: Birkan İzgin

  • Several scholls are supplied with books and encyclopedias as requested.

  • We made donation to TEMA Foundation (greener world) to plant trees on behalf of Ankara Kiwanis.

  • Around table lunch organized at Best Hotel. Speaker was Lawyer Ms Türkay Asma on "Children Courts and problems associated with"



  • We took part at a fund raising festival organized by Koru Kiwanis to help Ulus Children Hospital to buy new equipments they needed.

  • Contribution of Kiwanis International to Turkish leg of IDD project reached to approximately 100.000- USD and additional 115.000-is said on the way. The plan is to come to the end of IDD figth by 2000 in Turkey.




President: Lütfü Metin

  • Postal cards are printed using pictures from last years painting contest.

  • International President Jerry Christiano and Mrs. Christiano came to Ankara to visit Kiwanis clubs,along with Gerald Robert Europe Office Director.
  • IDD Project's Turkey leg  is viewed with UNICEF representatives in their office


President: Doğan Altınbilek

  • 23 March 1996: Planting trees at Erdemkent Area

  • 13 April 1996: Fashion Show to raise fund for genetic diseases hospital

  • 15 April 1996: Planting at "Kiwanis Play Ground and Park"

  • 17 June 1996: Opening of 1st KiwanisPainting Contest Exhibition.


President: Attila Hıncal

  • Start working on IDD project 
  • Preparing IDD project brochure " What is Iodine Deficiency and use of iodine enriched salt" in cooperation with Hacettepe University.

  • Starting postal card project with "Young Painters of Kiwanis" contest

among secondary schools in Ankara


1993-1994 :

President: Cahit Erkurt

A new concept and understanding between Min.of Education and Min.of Health was just signed to open class-rooms/schools in major hospital to keep the the children in schools while they are being cured in .....

 hospitals. Classroom provided by hospitals,and techers by MOE.
This just coinseded by opening of Ankara Kiwanis.

We refurbished, reconstructed the space provied at Hacettepe University Children Hospital provided furniture and all needs as donations from manufactureres and sellers.

Picture below is from opening ceremony by Minister of Education Mr Nevzat Ayaz(rigth) President Prof.



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