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Social Activities & Fund Raising



2016-2017 Yılları:
Başkan: Erdem Takçı

başarılı bir yıl dileği ile ...................

President: Cengiz Anık

5 th Kiwanis Training Seminar held in Konya during April 1-3.
Members of Koru Kiwanis also attended.

Kiwanien Elmas Coskun represented us at KIEF meeting held at Heilbroon-Germany in May.

2014-2015 :
President: Coşkun İnalpolat

With continued support from Kiwanis world wide and using the funds of Ankara Kiwanis we have donated 2 "Photo teraphy" unit and 2 "Living Support" unit to Childeren Care Unit of SOMA State Hospital. Soma had lost 301 father on mine fire disaster last year.

baby nest i700
Thanks to KIEF who supported us through

Feridun Bahadori

Imm. Past Governor 2014/2015

Kiwanis International Distrikt Deutschland 

who came to Turkey and visited the the site and handed over the financial contribution.

2013-2014 Yılları:
Başkan: Barboros Aslanoğlu

On May 13th 2014 Turkey faced a disaster. On mine fire at Soma-Manisa 301 workers died leaving many orphans behind.
We Ankara Kiwanis started a help campain by contacting KIEF and many individual clubs.

Response is  quite promising. Already 1673 Euro and 981 USD received at our bank accounts.

President: Atila Dindar

A consert organized at Sheraton hotel. International famous jazz singer Karsu Dönmez played piano and sang for childeren.

With the fund raised we donated "respirator" to new born clinic of Ankara University Childeren Hospital.

Donation ceramony at the clinic.

  • We visited Gaziantep Kiwanis Club under formation and madepresentation on Kiwanis activities.
  • World known "Zeugma Mesuem" visited.

2011-2012 :
President: Hakan Dermancı

Following the earthquake at Van very east of Turkey, we sent medicine, food, underwearing and toys for children through emergency base in Van.

President: Aykut Yıldırım

We hired a stand at Koru Kiwanis Spring Fest. Members and spouses worked all day to sell the food prepared at home. Money raised to be used in forthcoming projects.

2009-2010 :

President: Aydın Kolat

A concert performed by "Yeni Turku" organized at German Embassy Gardens.
600 plus tickets sold.



  • 180 students of Incesu Primary School are checked for eye, tooth and general health by our clubs doctor memebers anf their associates. Winter socks and booths given.

  • 7 th Traditional Painting Exhibition opened.

  • A panel having title " Child and Computer" held at Cagdas Conferance Hall.  Panelists were Prof Ferhunde Oktem,Prof Ufuk Beyazova, Ass.Prof Kursat Cagaltay,Ass.Prof Figen Sahin and Guidance Counselor Gokcen Hisarcilar.

  • A panel " Role of School in preventing Child Abuse" conducted at "Ozyurt Primary School". Speakers were Ass.Prof. Aytug Balcioglu, Ass.Prof.Figen Sahin, Ass.Prof.Erkan Buker and Guidance Counselor Gokcen Hisarcilar.

  • A painting contest between 120 schools of Cankaya region in Ankara with a topic  “Childeren and Environment” . First 3 of contestants are presented with laptops.

  • 70 school bags full with school material are distributed to students in Imrahor Ozbirlik school. Also 13 PC in this school are repaired and upgraded and computer laboratory became functional.

  • 20 students of Gazi school are trained at IBM office for the proper use of PC s and preparing presentations. In turn they trained 160 students in their school. These 20 students received a IBM Cetificate.

  • 40 students at Susuz school received sports wear.

  • On occasion of April 23rd Children's Day of Turkey we gave sports wear to 85 student


President:Erdem Takçı

  • Stationary material sent to Adıyaman Anadolu High School.

  • Wardrops for classrooms at Susuz Primary School made and delivered to school.

  •  A  "Science Laboratory" set up in Konut Kent primary school

  •  A complete renovation of ImrahorOzbirlik Primary Sschool done.

  • On occasion of April 23rd Children's Day of Turkey we gave overcoats to 54 student 


2007 - 2008 :

President: Vedat Güley

  • As part of Susuz Primary School project classroom cupboardsi library cupboards etc are delivered.

  • Underwear and shoes are distributed at Hikmet Ulubay-Plolatlı  primary school.

  • Various stationary material are sent to Hikmet Ulubay school on their requst

  • Our 6 th "Kiwanis Painting Exhibition" opened. With the fund raised a room at "Talia Yasar Baktur" schools rebuilt as "Painting and Drawing Room".


President: Orhan Yalçın

  • A great music festival orgonized at German Embassy gardens with grear performance of Zulfu Livaneli and Hakan Aysey, to raise money for Susuz school renovation nearby Ankara.

  • Opening ceramony at Susuz school with kind attandance of Germany Ambassador

  • Teeth and eye checkup made at Yukarı Cavundur primary school. This school is under our arms for many years

We set up a "communication room" at Artvin Health Care Training School, sponsored by Avea.

We donated 5 PC and a printer to Susuz primary school, sponsored by Avea.

  • We payed a visit to Hikmet Ulubay
  • Primary School(boarding) at Polatlı a province of Ankara.

           A set of books given as present for their libraray.

  • Hygenic material are given to RETT Syndrome childeren.

  • "UZI ASTHMA" and "AYICIK Leukemia" booklets are printed again 1000 pcs each.



President: Ünal Peker

  • We donated 25 computers to Polatlı Hikmet Uluğbay Primary School, sponsored by Avea telecom company

  • Gazi Childeren's Dormitory repaired and painted. Also internal music and announcement sysytem added.

  • 160 child received socks and boots just before winter at Yukarı Çavundur Village school.

  • Saime Kadin Primary School's library reorganized,cleaned and new books are donated

  • Medicine and hygenic material are distributed to RETT Syndrome childeren.




President: Ali Özenci

We put three  great musician came together to help childeren in the fantastic garden of german Embassy. Quite a fund raised with about 500 auidance.

5 th of our traditiınal" Kiwanis Painting Exhibition opened.

  • 4 Turkish student attented to first youth exchange program at Summer Camp in Letonia.



President: Tayfur Aslan

Traditional "Kiwanis Painting Exhibition" opened and its income used for printing 
UZI ASTIM booklet


President: Nurseli Cezayirlioğlu

On 2 May 2003 together with Ankara Koru Kiwanis a panel on "Effect of Media on Childeren" is organized. Cankaya Municipality and tv channel TV8 sponsered the panel by providing congress hall and publisizing on tv.


President: Selim Demirel

On 25 May2002 we oıpened our traditional painting exhibition. With fund raised we furnihed the Art and Draeing Room of Kecioren Ibrahim Akoglu Primary School.


President: Giovanni Rossi

19-29 June 2001: First "Kiwanis Painting Exhibition" is organized with the leadership of  Nil Özenci artist and wife of Ali Ozenci,member.


1999-2000 :

President: Sadullah Puyan

  • A joint meeting organized with Berlin-Quadriga Kiwanis club along with Ankara Koru Kiwanis on Feb 23rd to present Kiwanis activities in Turkey. Turkish Minister of Tourism Mr. Erkan Mumcu honored the meeting.

  • 10 June 2000  "Spring Festival 2000" organized. Fund raised is alocated for earthquake projects.


President: Ertugrul Pazarbas

On 9 February 1999 we visited His Excellancy Süleyman Demirel President of Turkey. Briefed on Kiwanis and activities in Turkey.


1997-1998 :

President: Birkan Izgin
 We took part in a Kermiz organized by Hacettepe University. Money raised donated to University as scholarship.

1996-1997 :

President: Lutfu Metin

Postal card printed from last year's paintin contest

1995-1996 :

President: Doğan Altınbilek

  • 23 March 1996: Erdemkent Park, planting trees.

  • Beymen a famous wearing group organized a fashion show to raise fund for Ankara Kiwanis's GEN Treatment Center Project.


  • In cooperation with Cankaya Municipality "Kiwanis Park and Play Ground" 

          project initiated trees are planted for greener world.


  • Ankara Kiwanis Team all together
  • KI  President  Jerry Sigrudsson came to Ankara.


1994 - 1995:

President: Attila Hıncal

  •  "Kiwanis Childeren Artisists" project initiated to use in printing postal cards.

President: Cahit Erkurt

  • First Fundraising Fair (Kermis) we had organised. Place SSK Building


  • Team work to get ready for Kermis


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